Monday, September 19, 2016


This week was pretty awesome! For starters we had exchanges with the
sister training leaders again and it was the best I loved it. I was
here in Vernal with Sister Horne who's from Napa Valley CA so it was
fun to spend the day with her! Also I'm not sure if I mentioned it but
the other sister training leader is from Glendora! Sister Gold I think
she's in the Glendora 5th ward but it's the ward with Bishop Whitworth.
She's awesome and I love her too. We also got to go to the temple on
Friday!! It was amazing and just what I needed. The Vernal temple is
beautiful! Super small but so cool. I got some funny looks cause
without my name tag I look like I'm 16 so people were really confused
when I wasn't going to do baptisms with all the other high school kids
haha. We had some great lessons this week and almost all of our
investigators made it to church which is huge! Only one didn't make it
and it was because he was with his mom for the weekend but he would've
went if he was here so I was still super excited. We got to go to a
baptism that one of the elders in our district was having and it was
way fun the kid was hilarious it was a good time. Other than that it
was a pretty regular week! I had a cool experience Friday evening we
were driving around trying to find something to do before our last
lesson and all of the sudden we were driving by a less active families
house and I yell at sister brown to stop and pull over cause I felt
like we needed to visit them. Long story short two older ladies who
are sisters live there together with one of their daughters and her
husband and as we are talking one of the ladies sons and his family
shows up (less active wife isn't a member and kids are all over 8
haven't been baptized) and we start teaching a lesson and it's so
good! The kids loved it and everyone was super attentive. We set up a
return appointment at the end of the lesson and the son asks if they
are invited and were like oh yah!! It was such a miracle because he's
really been against the church for a while but is really opening up to
us. They don't live in our area so we have to get them comfortable
with the elders there but it still was a really cool thing to happen.
Also transfer calls came this morning and I'm taking over the area
with a new follow up trainer and my companion is becoming my sister
training leader in Roosevelt!! I don't find out who my new companion
is until tomorrow which is so nerve racking but I'm really excited I
can stay and see how the area improves with all of our progressing
investigators. I hope everyone is doing well and has a great week!

Love From Vernal,
Sister Dunkley

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