Monday, September 12, 2016


This weeks email is going to be a bit of a longer one so I apologize
for that haha. This weeks miracle would be probably during the hardest
day of the week Thursday. Despite all that was thrown my way that
normally I would be incapable of handling I felt the hand of the Lord
in helping me through the day and opening up doors that made it
possible for me and my companion to do what we needed to do to receive
comfort and  time to just deal with life. I really felt the spirit
comforting me and telling me it'll all work out and not to worry and
it was so strong it was amazing. With our 6 scheduled appointments for
the day (including dinner) only one kept their appointment and it was
truly divine intervention from Heavenly Father. That lesson was what I
needed to help comfort me and strengthen my testimony of why I am
serving a mission and I was so grateful for that. I also received all
of my packages that have come in the past couple of weeks on Thursday
from the Zone Leaders and it was literally like Christmas for me and
just what I needed. It just strengthened my testimony in the tender
mercies that we can receive as we do what we are asked and have hearts
softened to see them as they come to us. I have a strong testimony of
the power of the priesthood and the blessing it is in my life and how
grateful I am to have zone leaders who are worthy and willing to give
blessings and help the sisters out when we need it. Priesthood
blessings are available to all who need them and I am so grateful for
that because we can truly receive divine comfort through them.

Today I feel it's important for me to bear my testimony of the plan of
salvation and the reality of temple covenants and promises. Heavenly
Father loves us all so much that He gave us a road map to make it back
to His presence along with our families. This plan of redemption
allows us to know true joy among the trials and sorrows that come with
life as we look to Heavenly Father in all we do and continue to access
the Atonement through faith, repentance, partaking of the sacrament
each week to renew our baptismal covenants, listening to the promoting
of the Holy Ghost and feeling His comfort and then enduring to the end
or repeating these things continually. I have a firm testimony that as
we do these things and live worthy of the covenants we make in the
temple we will live with our families forever. The temple sealing is
real, there's just no way around it. Because of this truth the day
will come when our joy will overpower any sadness and sorrow we felt
in this life. Christs atonement makes it possible for us to have a
fullness of joy despite the hardships of life. He has felt and
suffered for it all so that we can be strengthened and eventually
overcome all sorrows through Him and His infinite atonement. This
knowledge that I have gained as I've been on my mission carries me
through all the things that have been thrown at me this past week and
helps me have hope and will enable me to more powerfully bear
testimony of the gospel truths to those I encounter on my mission and
I am so grateful for that.

I want all of you to know this for yourself, to truly pray for comfort
and peace and then feel it come into your life because it will. We
received the Holy Ghost after baptism for a reason so find out what
that means for you. Never loose sight our our eternal identity as sons
and daughters of a loving Heavenly Father who will always be there.
Jesus Christ came down to earth and atoned for our sins and felt all
our of individual pains, sicknesses, heartbreaks, everything. Nothing
we feel hasn't already been felt by our savior which means he can heal
us and comfort us through the power of the Holy Ghost that we all

Funny story of the week to lighten up the mood, we went to a ward
party Friday night and we were shaking everyone's hands and meeting
people and this little kid taps my leg and says "hey you can be a
missionary when you're small now?!" All shocked and confused we busted
up laughing so hard his parents felt so bad but I needed that comic
relief more than anything with the week I've had it was truly heaven
sent! Hope that made y'all laugh! Lol.

I love all of you so much and hope that you can all know of these
things as surely as I do. Thank you for all of the love support and
prayers I truly feel and rely on them. Tell someone you love them
today and give them a big hug for me and think of someone who could
benefit from the knowledge of the restored church that we all are
blessed with and make a goal to share it with them. I am praying for
all of you daily and hope you all have a good week!

Love from Vernal,
Sister Dunkley

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