Monday, August 29, 2016

Sister Dunkley the 15 year old missionary

This week was pretty awesome! We had a lot of lessons and even got 5
new investigators which was so cool! Hopefully they will continue use
to want to meet with us and progress cause that would be way cool. I
went on exchanges with my sister training leader sister Gold Saturday
in Roosevelt Utah which fun fact is smaller than vernal and I didn't
even know that was possible haha. Anyways it was super cool cause
she's actually from Glendora 5th ward and we know a lot of the same
people it was so fun talking to her and about our mutual friends from
back home. We had a good time contacting referrals and doing service
for a member family in her area it was so cool. Other than that not a
whole lot happened just another great week in Dinosaur land serving
the Lord. A funny story from this week would be when my companion
dared me to fit into a tractor tire and didn't think I could do it but
boy did I prove her wrong haha. Oh I also got asked if I was on a
temporary youth mission because I guess they thought I was 15 and on a
mini mission and I was like nope I'm actually 19 and they laughed for
a long time so that was fun haha. A cool thought I found this week in
the September ensign was "If you are trying to pay for your sins,
understand that you are missing the very essence of God’s plan for
you. The Savior has paid the price already. Only Satan wants you to
think you can’t be forgiven and that you have to pay for your own
sins. Let them go, and do it today. Your daily happiness comes as you
free yourself from thinking and worrying about your past sins.You may
ask, “But what if I sin again?” Then you repent again. Let the
redeeming power of the Savior’s Atonement work for you as you make
repentance a daily part of your life." -elder Brent H. Nielson of the
seventy 'Can we live "after the Manner of Happiness"?' I loved it
because when we feel guilt after repenting it's not from Heavenly
Father. He has forgotten our sin and now we have to also. Faith in
Jesus Christ and his atonement will help us through anything that
comes our way and I am so grateful for that! I hope everyone has a
great week!

Love from Vernal,
Sister Dunkley

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