Monday, August 15, 2016

Dinosaur land

Hey everyone! Looks like I'll be getting to know Eastern Utah pretty
well because I got assigned to Vernal aka dinosaur country. Apparently
I'm only like 30 minutes from the Colorado border so that's pretty
cool. To be quite honest I wasn't entirely thrilled to hear this
Wednesday morning because I've only heard not so great things about
vernal but everyday I grow to like it more here. The people are so
kind and welcoming and we get to eat free at like half of the
restaurants here so that's nice haha. Me and my companion cover a
whole stake (8 wards) all by ourselves so we get to have a car cause
our area is huge. My trainer is Sister Brown from San Fransisco and
she is pretty cool! Sometimes I feel like she's going to kill me while
we are driving but then I remember that I'm not that much better of a
driver so I just keep quiet haha. President Hodgeman is seriously the
coolest guy ever mostly because he owns a tesla and a Porsche but
that's besides the fact. He really wants us to be agents for ourselves
in this mission so he doesn't really give us too many rules he just
turns us to the handbook and tells us to find out for ourselves what
the answer is. I really like that about him because it teaches us to
follow the spirit more. I was honestly surprised at how many people
there are to teach and help here because it seems like everyone is
Mormon but that's far from the truth. My first day was kind of a
mess/hectic because we had a 2 1/2 hour drive from Provo and had 4
lessons to teach that night so that was crazy but a great learning
experience. I know that Heavenly Father has sent me here for a reason
and that I need the people here more than they need me. I know with a
surety that Heavenly Father loves all of us and that Jesus Christ is
our savior who can help us through any trial we face and for that I
will forever be grateful. There is nothing I'd rather be doing at this
time in my life than serving a mission and I am so grateful that I can
do that. Thanks for all the support and prayers know that I love all
of you and pray for you daily!

Love from Vernal,
Sister Dunkley

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