Monday, March 27, 2017


This week has been crazy but also the best! Last Monday we got a third companion named sister Tillemnn-Dick who is waiting for her visa to go to Mongolia and let me tell you she is the greatest! Heavenly Father keeps giving me awesome companions I am so spoiled. We have been having so much fun being in a trio and learning how to adjust to it. Our apartment is pretty tiny so it's been interesting fitting all three of us in here but we manage haha. No one knows when her visa is supposed to come so we have no idea how temporary/permanent this will be. So that's  been the main thing going on this week it's been a blur but a pretty fantastic one.  

There are times when I feel like a chicken running around with my head cut off just trying to stay afloat and other times when I feel like I actually have myself together. The former is what's usually going on but it's kind of fun. It's funny how people think missionaries know everything and are perfect because they get all offended when we make the slightest mistake and I'm just like wait, since when are we not allowed to be humans and make mistakes? I'm not going to be perfect anytime soon so have fun being disappointed and offended that's your choice. Idk. Sometimes it's hard for me when people are so judgmental and rude over a situation that I have no control over but nonetheless rant over. 

We have given so many talks these last couple weeks and you'd think I'd be a pro by now. Wrong. I'm still as bad as I've always been but it's cool I keep learning and I feel the spirit when I speak hopefully I'm not the only one haha. 

Other than that things are going good! The work in Nephi is on fire and we are just trying to keep it up and not let it burn out. The members are noticing and it's cool to see them step up and want to be apart of the work since it's progressing. 

"I have never witnessed the removal of an actual mountain. But because of faith I have seen a mountain of doubt and despair removed and replaced with hope and optimism. Because of faith I have personally witnessed a mountain of sin replaced with repentance and forgiveness. And because of faith I have personally witnessed a mountain of pain replaced with peace, hope, and gratitude. Yes, I have seen mountains removed." Gordon B Hinckley 

Love from Nephi, 
Sister Dunkley 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Tender mercies of the Lord/8 months!

Hey everyone!

The highlight of this week was that we got to go to the temple! I
realized that we forgot to take any pictures but nonetheless it was
still awesome. We went with the Delta and Wellington sisters and it
was so fun to see Sister Gold! She was my sister training leader in
Vernal and is from Glendora and one of my favorite people ever it was
so great to see her! We all got little ceasars pizza afterwards but
there were no tables or chairs to eat at so we parked in the church
parking lot and ate pizza like the mature adults we are it was
hilarious but we had fun and that's all that matters haha.

Can I just say sometimes I'm so glad I'm serving in utah because I
learn SO much about how I want to be as well as how I don't want to be
when I'm an old returned missionary. Y'all there are some great people
here that we work with and it teaches us what it looks like to fulfill
your calling and I'm just so grateful for how much they teach me and
help me be better. It's so humbling being a missionary especially when
you're asked to speak in multiple sacrament meetings and have zero
time to prepare (yesterday) and you feel like you did horribly but
someone tells you it wasn't that bad and you thank the Lord you didn't
mess up the entire sacrament meeting. Man the blessings are real! I
have grown to not like speaking on my mission which is bad because we
do it all the time. I just don't like not being able to prepare and
give more of my attention to my talk but the spirit makes up for the
difference it's such a blessing. I was asked to speak on the Book of
Mormon and tender mercies and both were suck powerful things for me to
study and prepare more.

I thought of when I was flying to the MTC from Saint George back in
July I had to say goodbye to my mom and I was officially alone and
super sad. Well I get through security and sit down and am holding
myself together and trying not to cry in front of a bunch of strangers
when I see Rachel's cousin Simone walk up and sit next to me it was
the coolest thing! We get talking and she asks me what seat I'm
assigned to on the plane and low and behold it's the one right next to
her. Immediately starting my mission the Lord is pouring down tender
mercies on me it was so overwhelming to feel His love for me through
that experience.

So I want y'all to be more attentive this week to tender mercies and
how the Lord blesses you everyday! I know as you do that you'll feel
the spirit and Heavenly fathers love for you so strongly and you'll
have a greater sense of gratitude for the tender mercies of the Lord.

Also today I hit 8 months since I entered the MTC🎉
So cool!

Sorry this was a longer one I hope y'all have a great week!

Love from Nephi,

Sister Dunkley

Monday, March 13, 2017

Is it spring? ☀️

Hey everyone! This week has been pretty great! It's had some hard
parts to it but something great is the fact that it's been warm all
week long!! It snowed last Sunday night but since then it's been above
40 degrees so that makes me super happy! The sun is fantastic and I'm
so happy to see it.

Oh, also I survived transfers and am staying in Nephi for another 6
weeks! Yay! Which brings me to 4.5 months in Vernal and 4.5 months in
Nephi at the end of this transfer so I'm super happy about that! So
many good people to help and work with I wasn't quite ready to leave
them 😊 One of those special people is Erin who got baptized
Saturday!! Such a special day. A little crazy but special and she was
so cute it was awesome. She was so prepared and excited to be baptized
it was so great to be apart of it!

Not going to lie the rest of the week was a blur of craziness and we
have a lot coming up so it's hard for me to remember what happened in
the past when I have a million things coming up but it's all good
staying busy keeps me out of trouble.

I just want to say how grateful I am for the atonement of Jesus Christ
and the opportunity I have to get better and progress. I am grateful
for the comfort and peace the gospel brings and that I am able to
share it with others. I meet so many people struggling with different
things but the atonement is the universal cure for all of our trials
and different things we deal with in life. I know that as we come to
know our Savior and His love for us we become happier and filled with
hope and His love and light. I've seen it in my life and I've seen it
in the lives of others as well. Never forget the Savior and His role
in your life.

Y'all are awesome and have a great week!

Love from Nephi,
Sister Dunkley

Monday, March 6, 2017

Transfer #6 plus baptisms!!

This week was pretty good! We had a lot to do to prepare for the
baptisms we had this weekend but it was more than worth it because
they all went smoothly and the spirit was so strong! Baptismal
services are so special and I was so grateful to be apart of 3 this
week. One of the best parts about someone getting baptized is when
they receive the Holy Ghost in sacrament meeting and the whole ward is
able to feel the spirit and be apart of that ordinance it is so

I got sick the other day so my mind is pretty foggy and I can't really
collect my thoughts so I'm sorry if this email sucks. But yeah we had
some crazy snow storms, them 55 degree weather and then more snow last
night. Needless to say Utah is a bit crazy and can't make up its mind
what season it wants to be in so that's fun!..... not.

Oh well. Being a missionary is just the greatest and I love it! I got
asked in our zone meeting why I stayed on my mission and it really
made me think. First off it's a little embarrassing cause it's a super
personal question to be asked in front of a bunch of missionaries and
second off I don't like talking in meetings in the first place but it
ended up being a good experience for me. It helped remind me why I'm
here and why I have no desire to leave my mission. I get a front row
seat everyday to witness the miracle of the gospel of Jesus Christ and
how it can change people's lives. I get to help bring the spirit into
people's homes and lives and Heavenly Father trusts me to help bring
his children closer to him it's amazing! I just know that this work is
so special and rewarding. The things I'm learning are going to help me
for the rest of my life there's nothing more I could ever ask for.

I feel like this week all I've been learning about is the atonement
and the wonderful blessing it is in our lives. I am so grateful for
our savior Jesus Christ who suffered for our sins so that we could
repent and be clean, and suffered for our pains, sicknesses,
afflictions, and temptations so that he could be able to perfectly
comfort and heal us. I love the scripture in 3rd Nephi 9:13 that says
"13 O all ye that are spared because ye were more righteous than they,
will ye not now return unto me, and repent of your sins, and be
converted, that I may heal you?" Christ truly is the master healer if
we will come to Him and let Him heal us :)

Have a great week sorry this email is a little lame! Also haven't
heard about transfer so we will see what happens later today 😬

Love from Nephi,
Sister Dunkley