Monday, March 13, 2017

Is it spring? ☀️

Hey everyone! This week has been pretty great! It's had some hard
parts to it but something great is the fact that it's been warm all
week long!! It snowed last Sunday night but since then it's been above
40 degrees so that makes me super happy! The sun is fantastic and I'm
so happy to see it.

Oh, also I survived transfers and am staying in Nephi for another 6
weeks! Yay! Which brings me to 4.5 months in Vernal and 4.5 months in
Nephi at the end of this transfer so I'm super happy about that! So
many good people to help and work with I wasn't quite ready to leave
them 😊 One of those special people is Erin who got baptized
Saturday!! Such a special day. A little crazy but special and she was
so cute it was awesome. She was so prepared and excited to be baptized
it was so great to be apart of it!

Not going to lie the rest of the week was a blur of craziness and we
have a lot coming up so it's hard for me to remember what happened in
the past when I have a million things coming up but it's all good
staying busy keeps me out of trouble.

I just want to say how grateful I am for the atonement of Jesus Christ
and the opportunity I have to get better and progress. I am grateful
for the comfort and peace the gospel brings and that I am able to
share it with others. I meet so many people struggling with different
things but the atonement is the universal cure for all of our trials
and different things we deal with in life. I know that as we come to
know our Savior and His love for us we become happier and filled with
hope and His love and light. I've seen it in my life and I've seen it
in the lives of others as well. Never forget the Savior and His role
in your life.

Y'all are awesome and have a great week!

Love from Nephi,
Sister Dunkley

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