Monday, October 3, 2016

Spanish for a day and I'm blind

This week was pretty cool! It flew by like crazy but it's good cause
it means I'm working hard. We have met a lot of former investigators
in the area who seem to want to be taught again so I'm hoping it works
out! We could always use more people to teach for sure. Also fun fact
I will now forever need glasses because my distance vision is failing
so that's fun! Driving has been interesting these last couple weeks
and I can't wait to have my glasses so that I can see better when I
drive haha. Luckily though I don't have to pay for them because
members are so nice here and I've been saving up money they give us
but man we are spoiled rotten here in vernal it's ridiculous. The eye
doctor served his mission in Arcadia and knew President Becerra the
mission president a couple years ago so that was super fun! He was
Spanish so he never served in Claremont but he knew it and said all
the missionaries loved it there and I was like yeah pretty much it's
the best place in the mission haha. We had a special zone conference
on Wednesday with president and the assistants and it was so good! I
learned so much and we also had fun with role plays it was great.
General conference was just amazing and I am so grateful for the
blessing of having living prophets and apostles to guide and teach us
how to improve our lives and come unto Christ. On Sunday my companion
and a bunch of elders in my zone got to attend the afternoon session
so I spent the day in lovely Roosevelt with one of the Spanish sisters
and it was the greatest. We had 2 lessons in Spanish and I couldn't
say very much but what I understood from the people we taught and the
sister I was with was so powerful! I was able to bear my testimony of
Joseph smith and the Book of Mormon and even though I sounded like a
gringa they appreciated my effort haha. Needless to say I wished that
my sister Madison was there to translate for me and help me but it's
all good cause I'll probably never have to do that again on my mission
haha. The church is true and I am so grateful every day to be a full
time missionary! I love and pray for you all have a great week!

Love from Vernal,
Sister Dunkley

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