Monday, November 14, 2016

Baptism number 2!

So many exciting things to tell this week!!

First, Cayden got baptized! This kids the best and I love him. In
every lesson he always tried to turn it into a learning moment for us
and tried to teach us stuff and it was hilarious so at the baptism
during the primary presidents talk she says " you're so smart you
should be up here teaching me" and he says " well yeah that's what I
do with sister Dunkley in our lessons!" And we all busted up laughing
man he called me out the elders that came thought it was great and I
will probably not live that down my whole mission haha.

Second on Wednesday I get to leave vernal for the first time my whole
mission!!! Everyone has had to go to Provo for something but I never
had so when I heard I get to go to Heber City on Wednesday AND Payson
on Dec. 3rd I was super excited haha. This Wednesday is a special zone
meeting for 4 of our zones because a member of the 70 is coming it's
going to be so cool I'm super excited!

Third we found 4 new investigators this week that seem promising which
is pretty unheard of especially in this area our hard work is really
paying off!!

I seriously love being a missionary it is so fulfilling and I can't
imagine my life without all the experiences I'm having and all that
I'm learning. When I first came in August we had one investigator on
date and about 4 progressing/new investigators and now it's November
and we have 5 on date 8 total progressing and 4 new investigators with
a couple potential investigators we have found and will contact this
week to see if they are interested. It's shown me that two people
really can come into an area and turn it around if you work hard and
are in the right places at the right time. Missionary work is far from
easy even in Utah but seeing people come unto Christ and gain
testimonies of the Book of Mormon makes everything worth it.

I want to invite all of you to read Elder Oaks talk from this past
general conference titled "sharing the restored gospel" and tell me
what you think :) have a great week!

Love from Vernal,
Sister Dunkley

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