Monday, November 21, 2016

Winter for a day❄️

This week was so good! Best two things that happened were

1. Wednesday the 16th we got to go to Heber City for a meeting with
half the mission and Elder Legrand R Curtis Jr. of the 70 and it was
SO GOOD! Just the best. We learned more about the #lighttheworld
initiative that the church is coming out with on Friday and it's going
to be way cool I'm excited for it! I got to see some friends at the
meeting and had some fun times with my district in the mom van it was
fun haha. It was a 2 and half hour drive one way because of some
traffic and TIWI so we had a lot of bonding time which my companion
mostly slept through (she doesn't do well in long drives) overall
super good day.
2. IT SNOWED! Thursday was the first snow day of the season!! Super
fun. It was soooo cold but me and my companion loved it especially
cause it didn't stick and it's been warm ever since haha.

Other than that just a lot of missionary work! A miracle from this
week would be with Savannah a new investigator who was referred to us
by a family in one of our wards who brings her to church and finally
was able to find a time to have her over for a lesson and it went so
well! She is so prepared and ready for baptism and hopefully after
this week we will have permission from her mother to be baptized 😊
her father and step mother are 100% supportive but the biological mom
isn't quite there yet but isn't against it so we should be able to
have her baptized next month because she said she wants to be baptized
before transfers in case I leave it was so sweet! We told her we'd
make it happen for sure! That brings us to 4 people being baptized
next month and it's crazy overwhelming but I know that the Lord is on
our side and will help us make this all possible!

My favorite thing I learned from our meeting on Wednesday was that if
we read the Book of Mormon and pause every so often to ask if this is
the work of god of the work of man we will be able to gain a stronger
testimony that the Book of Mormon really is the word of God and there
is no way any man could just up and write it on his own. It's just not
possible. I love the Book of Mormon and all it teaches me and the
comfort it brings. I know that it truly is the keystone of our
religion and can bring us so much peace in this life.

I love you all! Have a great week and stay warm if you are anywhere
near me in Utah haha

Love From Vernal,
Sister Dunkley

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