Monday, December 12, 2016

Baptism number 6!!

Well first things first we heard about transfers this morning! I am leaving and going to Nephi to be companions with sister Reynolds so that should be cool! I've never been there before but I'm hoping it's warmer than Vernal haha. Holy cow I can't believe this stake has had 6 baptisms in the last 4 months that I've been here it's amazing! There are so many prepared people here for us to teach and meet it is such a blessing. We have been really tried hard to find new investigators recently which has been hard but we will keep trying and see what happens! This past week flew by like crazy because of all the things we were busy doing. At Kathys interview we played a prank on the elders because they were 30 minutes late and she told the elder interviewing her that she no longer wanted to be baptized because he was so late but couldn't keep up the joke too long because I blew it by not controlling my laughing haha. At her baptism she apologized for the prank and he looked at her and said "well, don't worry about it it's washed away in your baptism!" And we all laughed it was pretty funny she thought it was hilarious. We attended Christmas parties this week and it was so fun my companion got to meet Santa Clause for the first time and she thought it was the coolest thing ever it was great. More about Kathys baptism though because it was so special! In the font right after she was baptized she had the biggest smile and was just filled with joy it was so cool to see. A lot of people there were teary eyed and the spirit was so strong I will never forget that experience. I am so grateful to be serving here in this mission and I'm Vernal it is such a blessing and I am having so many experiences that will bless my life forever. I will probably always have to deal with people commenting on my height multiple times a day but you know it's the life of a midget missionary. Maybe that'll be my trademark, sister Dunkley the midget missionary lol. Anyways spiritual thought for the week comes from the Sunday school class we went to today with an investigator. It was on real intent, faith and hope. I liked how the teacher talked about our motives or desires why we really do things. We are good people doing good things but we can be even better when we evaluate our intentions and if what we are doing brings us closer to Christ. I really appreciated that and it was perfect for our investigator that went I hope she got something out of it cause me and my companion knew it was what she needed to hear as she prepared for her baptism next month. I hope you all have a great week! Kaya Anuma! Si se puede! Love from Vernal, (for the last time)  
Sister Dunkley 

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