Monday, December 26, 2016

White Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! This week was really good, a little crazy at
times but good. It started off with a temple trip to Payson on Tuesday
which was awesome and then we had a mission Christmas party Wednesday
which was super fun even if we did get lost on the way up haha. The
highlight of that was when one of the AP's did a monkey impression in
the talent show I'll attach the video cause it's hilarious. Christmas
Eve was nice we didn't really know what to do because we only had one
appointment before we were done proselyting for the day so we ended up
playing Christmas songs at a nursing home in town and it was really
nice they seemed to like it a lot. That night we went to one of our
ward mission leaders homes and spent Christmas Eve with them it was so
fun they are awesome. Christmas was awesome!!! An investigator that's
been taught for 4 months now finally made it to church for the first
time yesterday it was the best!! Then a family made us this huge
breakfast before we skyped our families it was so good and it was way
awesome to see my family. Not gunna lie I was most excited to see Beau
but that's just because he's adorable haha. I am so grateful for the
opportunity I've had this month to be a missionary as we celebrate the
birth of our savior and turn our focus to Him. I absolutely love being
a missionary and I'm so glad I have a whole year to continue to do the
Lords work here in Utah :)

Love from Nephi,
Sister Dunkley

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