Monday, February 13, 2017

"Peyton manning is like Thomas S. Monson in a football jersey"

This week was a week. So much happened and yet it feels like nothing happened at the same time. Welcome to the life of an especially stressed out missionary.  

A lot of good stuff happened, found some new investigators and had some good lessons with the people we have on date for baptism for march. A lot of people came to church again yesterday that haven't come in a while which was awesome to see! We have a baptism this weekend and I'm so excited!! They've been taught for a little over a year now I think so lots of missionaries are excited to see them baptized it will be a super special day! 

We got lectured in one sacrament meeting about marriage for what felt like a year and then we had to speak last minute in the other one because the speakers had the flu and as president Nelson says when you have a problem "ask the missionaries!" I'm starting to not like that talk as much.... haha. It was good though I spoke on Elder Utchdorfs talk about the plan of salvation and just bore my testimony for about 10 minutes and sat down I can't really remember what I said but apparently it was good so I'll take it haha. Sister Dalley did a great job though she spoke about Joseph Smith and it was solid. Most of the time I wonder who the trainer is in this companionship cause we all know it's not me lol. 

We had exchanges the other day and it was fun! The Spanish sisters are hilarious and they make my day. I didn't understand 75% of the words said that day but it's all good I had fun and felt the spirit. We also had a Zone meeting this week and it was good we all learned a lot and our leaders had a lot of good things to train us on I liked it. I felt like all the trainings were geared towards me and what I need to improve on but I think a lot of people feel that way in those kind of meetings. Something funny that we've discovered in the zone is that about half of the elders are taller then me on their knees so they were having fun getting on their knees and seeing who was taller or shorter than me. Elders get entertained by the most random things I swear but as president Hodgman says " don't you remember elders are guys? And guys are dumb?" Best quote I've ever heard haha. 

"Fortunately, Latter-day Saints never have to look very far to know what to do. With your knowledge of a loving Heavenly Father and the great plan of happiness, you have rudders deep in the water. Now, put your oars in deeply as well and pull hard and even." With all thy getting get understanding Ensign January 2017 

I really liked this talk because it helps us learn more about how to get real understanding and how it will help us in our conversion to the gospel. 

Have a great week and do something nice for the missionaries around you! 

Love from Nephi, 
Sister Dunkley 

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