Monday, February 27, 2017

Obedience is key

This week was pretty fun and full of driving in snow which was grand
cause it means I'm getting better at it! I had to drive to delta which
is an hour south for a meeting Wednesday and then the next day up to
Provo for another meeting for the trainers and trainees it was so
good! I learned a lot and enjoyed seeing some friends.

The work here in Nephi is picking up like crazy!! Our teaching pool is
expanding and we are finding so many prepared people that are willing
to listen to our message and accept the invitation to be baptized it's
amazing. The hard part is with so much good happening you also get
thrown major curveballs and problems to solve but eventually things
get sorted out especially when we ask for the Lords guidance through
it all. This week I've been super grateful for my loving and
understanding companion. As a trainer I've been trying my hardest to
not let my imperfections and weaknesses show through which I've found
is impossible but she has been so understanding and patient with me as
I learn from my mistakes and do my best to improve.

Also so many people came to church yesterday!!!!! #blessings

Spiritual thought for today: be obedient it brings blessings!
“Truth is knowledge of things as they are, and as they were, and as
they are to come. …
“And no man receiveth a fulness unless he keepeth [God’s] commandments.
“He that keepeth his commandments receiveth truth and light, until he
is glorified in truth and knoweth all things” (D&C 93:24, 27–28;)

Love from Nephi,
Sister Dunkley

Rylee and Riley back together again ❤

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