Monday, January 30, 2017

Snow+driving+sister dunkley= one worried mission President

This week was a week that's for sure. So many hard things but so many
good things! We had to walk a lot because our mission President asked
us not to use our cars a couple times because of the bad roads but we
made it through. We got to go to the temple Tuesday night to see our
concert do baptisms for the dead it was awesome! Best way to end the
transfer. Wednesday we headed up to Provo to pick up my new companion
and to drop sis Reynolds off to her new area at BYU central. I was
pretty overwhelmed in the trainers meeting feeling super inadequate
but I was really excited at the same time it was a pretty weird
experience to be quite honest haha. Driving in the snow... no comment.
All I will say is we are alive I haven't crashed and I'm still
driving. Lol. We had some good lessons and Sister Dalley is picking
things up so well! She is from Plano Texas near Dallas and has the
white handbook memorized so I don't need to worry about her not
knowing rules which is nice haha. She is a champ and just goes along
with me and is so great in lessons. She has a love for the people that
I've worked for months to have and she's got it down in 4 days it's
pretty incredible. She knows her stuff and I don't even need to train
her it's pretty cool. She started college at 15 and has an associates
degree and is planning on attending law school after her mission so in
reality I'm learning a lot from her it's awesome. We found two new
investigators and they both had a desire to be baptized and when we
extended the invitation they both said yes and seemed so excited which
is rad! We have plans for a lot of baptisms this transfer so I hope it
works out because these people are awesome and progressing so well. I
really have a love for this area there are just so many nice people
and so many prepared people to teach and bring closer to Christ it's
awesome. I'm excited to see what will come I'm the next couple of
weeks as we work hard and help these people progress towards baptism
it will be awesome. Also some cool stuff happened on Wednesday they
altered our daily schedule and our p-day schedule it's awesome! So
many things are improved and I've already seen such a benefit from it
it's awesome.

For a spiritual thought something I liked from the broadcast was when
someone talked about will we do the right things despite whether we
have success or not. It made me think about something Sister Reynolds
said when we were talking about obedient missionaries and baptisms and
she said that an elder told her that disobedient missionaries have
baptisms so don't base your success on your obedience. Heavenly Father
wants to be able to trust that we'll be obedient no matter the outcome
and I really appreciated that thought. Obedience isn't necessarily
there to bring us success it's to bless us and give us opportunities
to grow and learn.

The mission life is wonderful and I just love it so much. There are
hard days but we are promised blessings when we suffer in the work of
the Lord and I know that's true. I love you all and hope you have a
wonderful week!

Love From Nephi,
Sister Dunkley

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